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I have been a unit secretary on the surgery floor at Northeast Georgia Medical center for 25 years. I chose Dr. Lebow as my physician because of his excellent reputation and bedside manner. He treated both of my legs and I can’t believe how much better they feel! I should have done this years ago. He has since treated another member of my family and they are doing great as well. His staff are friendly and helpful and the whole experience is very pleasant. I recommend vein-free to anyone with varicose veins.

Roberta Fortner

Gainesville, GA 30518

I am so pleased to be able to tell everyone about my excellent doctor, Michael Lebow. He is a gifted vascular surgeon who has an incredible level of compassion for his patients. His amazing nurse and wonderful staff reflect Dr. Lebow’s care and concern as well.

For the last forty years I have been plagued with ugly, painful varicose veins. I have gone to several doctors and endured several painful procedures without positive results. Dr. Lebow performed two procedures in his office to fix the large veins that were causing the problem. Now we are doing the injections that will correct all of the smaller surface problem veins. We are not even finished yet and I am already thrilled with the results.

Daryl Russo

Buford, GA 30518

I had an app’t with my family doctor at Chestatee Dahlonega Family Practice in Dahlonega and during that visit I mentioned that I had some spider veins in my legs that were beginning to look bad without a suntan… and each year they seemed to be slowly getting more noticeable and asked him if he knew a good Vascular/Vein doctor in the area… He immediately let me know that a new doctor was going to be practicing from the Dahlonega location in a few days, so I made an appointment before I left that day to become a patient of this new doctor .. Michael Lebow, MD.

Well, the day of my appointment was like the answer to my prayers…What a beautiful, professional person I met that day…He checked me out thoroughly for spider veins, even my ankles, at that time I was 75 yrs of age.. .. we started on just one leg…. let that heal.. in a couple weeks, then do the other leg, and let that heal, then come back for the “clean-up” on anything we might have missed…It was incredible and the entire process was very quick and almost painless, just the prick of the needle, and the healing was very quick as well, minimal swelling, and I could move smoothly and freely each and every day, no pain or discomfort whatsoever..could keep up with all my indoor and outdoor activities while my legs healed. I have absolutely zero scars, needle pricks, etc. nothing but beautiful skin. My legs are so beautiful they were in my 20’s thru late 60’s…

I am 76 years young now and have healthy beautiful legs that will grace a bathing suit or shorts with no embarrassment….I would wholeheartedly recommend this highly talented professional surgeon to anyone for this type procedure. An appointment with this skilled surgeon will reap you the rewards you can count on….why submit your great legs or waste your time on any other…..than Dr. Lebow!!! He’s my hero!!

Myrna L. Nicely

Dahlonega, GA 30534

Dr. Lebow is a very talented vascular surgeon. He stays current with all the latest healthcare trends and treatment innovations. He has enormous talent in regards to endovascular procedures and has a great bedside attitude. I have really enjoyed working with Dr. Lebow, and have learned a vast amount from him during our working tenure.

John Snider

Endovascular Coordinator

Northside Hospital (Forsyth Campus)

My name is Patti Jarrard. I lead an exciting career as a director of a child care center in Dawsonville, Ga. I live in Dahlonega with my husband of 29 years, my two daughters and my grandson. My oldest daughter is going back to school for Nursing, while my youngest daughter is going to college for Paralegal.

I have been a patient of Dr. LeBow for over a year now. My overall experience with Dr. LeBow and his staff has been wonderful. The staff has always been friendly and greeted me with a smile. Dr. LeBow has a kind and loving disposition that seems to put my worries at ease.

In November of 2012, I started experiencing severe pain in my left side. The pain got so intense, that the simple act of walking was impossible. I made an appointment with my family doctor to get it looked at. I underwent a series of rigorous test before the doctor informed me that I had Kidney Stones. Just when I thought that I had my answer, the doctor shook his head and told me, “Your Spleen doesn’t look right.” My heart was in my throat. My family doctor referred me to Dr. LeBow.

I was so nervous about what Dr. LeBow would find. He immediately ordered a CT scan. Dr. LeBow told me that he would personally call me when the results came in. That night, around 8:30, I received a phone call from Dr. LeBow with bad news. I had developed a Splenic Artery Aneurysm that required immediate surgery. I expressed to Dr. LeBow that I wanted to wait another month for my husband to come home from Iraq Before I had the surgery. But this was something that could not wait. Surgery was scheduled for New Year’s Day.

Dr. LeBow arranged to meet me and my youngest daughter at the hospital early that morning. He had his own surgical team briefed and waiting for me upon my arrival. Before I knew it, I was being prepped for surgery. The surgery was a success! My incision was only a few inches in length and I was able to walk a few hours afterward. Dr. Le Bow was by my side throughout the whole process. He even came in and watched the fourth quarter of the University of Georgia game with us.

Dr. LeBow and his staff are always supportive, friendly, and caring. They truly care about their patients on a personal level that is hard to come by. I would recommend Dr. LeBow to everyone.

Patti Jarrard

Murrayville, GA 30564

Michael Lebow is an outstanding physician with high degree of expertise in vascular surgery. He is sensitive and friendly, with a positive attitude and gives a lot of time to respond to questions thoroughly.

Laura Nodit MD

Assistant Professor

University of Tennessee Knoxville

I was VERY pleased. The PA and Dr. Pearce was very thorough and detailed. They answered all of my questions with authority.



The staff at University Vascular as well as the nurses, PA, and my favorite of all my doctors Dr. Woody are fabulous.



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