Ambulatory Micro Phlebectomy


Ambulatory or Micro Phlebectomy is the removal of a bulging, twisted, surface veins through tiny, spaced, incisions under an anesthetic. It is an out-patient procedure that usually takes less than an hour. It might be done in conjunction with another procedure depending on your particular treatment plan.

There are many benefits to Ambulatory Phlebectomy. It is minimally invasive and usually does not scar. There is little downtime involved and it offers excellent cosmetic results.

Just before the procedure, your surgeon will have you stand as he traces the affected veins. This is because veins which protrude when you stand, may not show when you are lying down. The area is injected with a local anesthetic prior to the procedure. Once the anesthetic takes effect, your surgeon will make a series of tiny incisions, following his outline, removing the non-functioning veins as he goes.

After the procedure, each incision will be covered and your leg will be wrapped with an ace bandage. You will be encouraged to walk for about 20 minutes.  The ace bandage will be replaced with a compression stocking to minimize discomfort and swelling. We recommended you wear the compression stocking for 2 to 3 weeks to promote proper healing.

Patients are really pleased with this procedure; after the first few weeks, they have reported feeling great and loving the way their legs look.



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